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The aftermarket has been consolidating fast creating bigger winners, more losers and a great deal of insecurity for many suppliers and brands.

The historical success of the motor factors in growing influence and building profits cannot be overstated. This led first to consolidation, as the larger chains grew, buying up smaller rivals whilst battling each other locally for scale. Then secondly came sales to private equity and international listed companies.

With that cycle seemingly complete, a relationship-driven market has become corporate. The future appears to be rationalisation to fewer suppliers, more motor factor ‘private brands’ and a constant squeeze on the margins needed to run sustainable businesses.

Many suppliers with great products and recognised brands are finding themselves increasingly marginalised to the sidelines and ever further detached from the garage, their true customer.

Garage Buying Group can offer a new route to market, enabling sustainable margins and offering the potential to grow by working far more closely to support garages.

We aim to combine low overheads, efficient technology and where possible, ‘direct from supplier’ logistics to offer our garage members exceptional value for money on products and services.

To find out more, please enquire in confidence below and we will call back and arrange to explain more.

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