Absolute Alignment WiFi Pro Wheel Aligner WIFIPRO

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Absolute Alignment WiFi Pro Wheel Aligner WIFIPRO

All Absolute Alignment units come with 24 months warranty, a pair of Turn-Plates, Steering Wheel & Brake Pedal Clamps, 4×4 Arms plus FULL ON-SITE TRAINING!

The WiFi Pro wheel aligner takes wheel alignment to a new dimension. This is the ultimate in portability from Absolute Alignment, a 4-wheel aligner that runs off an android tablet with no cabinet in the workshop.
This 8-camera CCD system connects to your tablet and built-in software via a dedicated wi-fi access point on your office network.
The enhanced interface makes carrying out the alignment work simple. The tablet comes with strong magnets so it can be attached safely on the ramp or the vehicle by your side as you work. The Operating System is enhanced too, with extensive use of new graphics and animation to speed up throughput. Snap and Go capability allows quick location of the correct specification via number plate recognition technology.
Once alignment is completed, connection can be made to the office printer to provide our usual professional report for the customer. The re-designed measurement heads can be stored on a wall mount for safe re-charging, meaning the workshop is safe and tidy for other work.

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Tablet operated fully wall mounted space saving system
8 Camera CCD Technology – ADAS ready
24″ Pro wheel Clamps (no Metal to metal Contact)
Use on 4 or 2 post lifts plus wheel free scissor lift
Simple to understand before/after e-mailable colour printout
Low spoiler mode
Wireless charging
Remote control heads
VRM Number plate look up (Shoot & Go) option
Rugged Android tablet with fixing magnets
WiFi access point
Operating system compatible with ADAS calibration – IOS version available
Operating compatible with Shoot & Go for fast vehicle identification
Re-designed quick-charge 8-sensor CCD measuring heads
Wall mount/charger for heads and clamps with USB charger and mounting point for tablet
SUV wheel clamp extension arms
Wall mounts
Steering Wheel Clamp
Brake Pedal Depressor
20,000+ Vehicle Database
Full onsite training
24 month warranty

FREE internet software support