AC Gas Cylinder Deposit – R134A 12kg cylinder

Trade: £30.00+ VAT
Member: £30.00+ VAT
Buying Price: £30.00+ VAT
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We are required to charge a cylinder deposit for every cylinder supplied. This will be refunded to you when the cylinder is returned to the manufacturer within 24 months. All cylinders are uniquely identified with barcodes / serial numbers, and can be returned to any stockiest too.

Garage Buying Group offers :

  • Low cylinder surcharges
  • Free Collection of empties at end of season

We can confirm quantity and serial numbers of cylinders due for return, arrange a free pallet collection and credit fast – typically within 5 working days. Refer to collection terms and conditions below.

Estimated Delivery: 3 - 5 working days

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Collection Terms and Conditions :

  • Min qualifying qty for Free Collection is 10 x R134a and / or 5 x YF
  • Mixed YF and R134a fine (min 10 units total)
  • Pack to one pallet where possible – max 40 cylinders
  • Ensure cylinders are securely packed to pallet – banded, wrapped etc where possible
  • Collection of lower quantities will be charged at flat-fee cost price of £75 VAT
  • Missed collections that have to be re-arranged may be charged at flat-fee cost price of £75 VAT
  • We reserve the right to arrange collections to maximise efficiency – we typically collect end of season in Sept or Oct
  • You may be asked to confirm cylinder barcode IDs prior to collection

Important Information:
A cylinder surcharge deposit will be added for each cylinder ordered. The cylinder tracking and collection are included free of charge, subject to terms and conditions. Read more or arrange your free collection here.

After ordering please click to visit this page to give us the details of your qualified F-Gas refrigerant handler information. You only need to do this on your first order unless the details held need to be updated. We can offer cost-effective refrigerant handling qualification if needed.