AUTONOE Engine Oil VW504/507, 5w-30 SS Syntec Endurance Pro Longlife – 199Ltr Barrel AUT113199

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Suitable for use in most petrol and diesel engines meeting the Euro IV emission standard with or without diesel particulate filters. Particularly recommended for Volkswagen and Audi engines with variable service intervals (WIV), and for other compatible vehicles that require a fuel-efficient lubricant.

Download the spec sheet here.

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Product Description
A new generation fully synthetic, multi-grade engine oil formulated for use with modern petrol and diesel engines. Careful selection of high quality base oils and the use of advanced additive technology ensures optimum performance of engine components, including diesel particulate filters (DPF), where present, over extended drain intervals. Engineered to provide long term protection for emission control systems. Protecting these systems helps to maintain optimal emissions cleanliness throughout the life cycle of an engine, increasing environmental friendliness.

– Ensures lubricant performance over extended drain intervals.
– Maintains very high standards of engine cleanliness.
– Exceptional long-term anti-wear and oxidation stability.
– Superior performance under both high temperature and low temperature conditions.
– Excellent start up protection.
– Improved fuel efficiency.
– Effective environmental protection.


RECOMMENDED BY AUTONOE FOR: ACEA C3, API SN/CF, BMW LL-04, MB 229.51, Porsche C30, VW 504.00/ 507.00

Download the spec sheet here.