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About Garage Buying Group

The Garage Buying Group is the UK’s first and only buying group for garages and workshops primarily focusing on products for the automotive, commercial, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Our team have over 35 years experience in procurement sourcing and dealing with suppliers and manufacturers, directly from the factory gates, for some of the largest businesses in the UK, probably businesses you are using today. We noticed things changing, a once relationship-driven market had become corporate, the future appears to be rationalisation to fewer suppliers, more ‘private label brands’, customers becoming numbers on a spreadsheet and connectivity disappearing. GBG’s intention is to provide businesses and trade access to excellent brands and products at ‘direct from supplier’ terms by harnessing the power of collective buying to bring direct terms and some great opportunities for all our members.

Since our launch we now have thousands of members who have joined across the UK that regularly use the Garage Buying Group and new members are joining daily especially with the increasing cost we are all experiencing. There’s No catch, we are always contactable and available to assist and the more businesses and trade that join and buy together the faster we can accelerate the group for all our members, adding even more brands and suppliers to bring greater choice and availability to your fingertips.

We simply operate the buying group for the good of all our members and suppliers, our role is simply to act as a bridge and link suppliers and brands directly to our members. We provide both a central creditworthy company that suppliers can work with easily, bringing a simple single-point access on a wide range of products and services transparently, our members are not geographically peanalised, so whether you are in the North, East, South or West it’s the same price, unlike with some of the suppliers.

We recognise and appreciate the importance the factors play in the automotive supply chain, offering essential ‘just in time’ supply of parts to workshops around the UK, enabling you to complete jobs fast and keep customers happy. Sadly over the past 15 – 20 years, more and more of the local independent factors have disappeared or been acquired by global conglomerate companies and the local entrepreneurial owners and staff that connected with its customers replaced. This has seen the reduction of choice as many recognised brands are frozen out and disappear from shelves as they consolidate spend and the product offer to the market. More often in favour of their own private label brands and increased profit for shareholders, whilst diluting customer choice and dictating what brands and products are available in the market. The suppliers and brands that remain are squeezed in the same way as the supermarkets have been doing for decades, often the savings gained are not passed on as they maximise profits and reduce the choice to the end user, whilst all marketed and packaged up to you as being on your side!

The Garage Buying Group only aims to simplify and streamline the supply of products and services that can be supplied overnight or longer lead times. There are many essentials that are subject to extended purchase cycles, kept in stock, bought in bulk or infrequently at your business. Such as Engine & Gear Oils, Chemicals, Fluids, Consumables, Services, Garage Equipment, Workshop Equipment, Power Tools, Specialist Tools and Hand Tools to name just a few.

By deliberately not seeking to offer the essential ‘just in time’ delivery as the others, we simply offer an alternative by connecting the UK trade and businesses more easily and transparently into the supply chain, using modern technology and a low overhead storage/distribution operation along with the distribution capabilities of our suppliers to deliver value for money.

This approach, backed up with efficient use of technology keeps operating cost low, eliminating the layers of fat, that means we can deliver some great deals, savings and good service by working more closely with all our suppliers and in turn bringing more profit and market influence back into the hands of the end user our members, the customer.

Membership is FREE!

For all Independent Garages, Workshops, Car Sales, Main Dealers, Bodyshop’s, Fast-Fit, Commercial and Agricultural Sector, Industry/Industrial Sector, Haulage, Machine & Plant, Hire and Fleet Companies, Fuel Station Forecourts, Building Supplies/Merchants, Councils, Mechanics, Engineers, Specialists, Auto Electricians, Hospitality/Leisure, Re-Sellers, other trades and businesses can also join the Buying Group and gain the full benefits of GBG membership and trade ‘Member Prices’.

We are continually adding and setting up terms with more suppliers and many more brands, for greater availability on various products, you can keep up with progress and support GBG in a number of ways, by supporting us on social media and of course by becoming a GBG Member and buying from us whenever it makes sense to do so!



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