AC Refrigerant Gas R1234YF Solstice®- 5kg Cylinders (MOQ 20)

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20x AC Refrigerant Gas R1234YF Solstice® – 5kg Cylinders

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R1234yf is the new super low GWP refrigerant replacing R134a in automotive air-conditioning, used in some new cars as early as 2011 and all new cars manufactured in Europe from January 1st 2017. Our gas in 5 kg cylinder certified T-PED / EN 13322-1 is the new generation ecological gas, ideal for recharging air conditioners / air conditioners in new cars (W21.8 ”x 1/14” valve) UN 3161

HFO 1234yf: The ideal low Global Warming Potential refrigerant for mobile air conditioning and chillers has been developed at Buffalo Research Laboratory by Honeywell Fluorochemicals with the aim of replacing R134a in motor vehicle air conditioning.

Its thermodynamic characteristics make HFO 1234yf very similar to R134a in performance, energetic efficiency and working pressures.


  • HFO 1234yf is used in air conditioner of new car models and, similarly to HFO1234ze belonging to the same family, also in high performance chillers.
  • Retrofitting R-134a to HFO 1234yf, is not possible, since HFO 1234yf is slightly flammable.
  • Performance:
  • Cooling power similar to R-134a
  • Energetic efficiency similar to R-134a
  • Working pressures similar to R-134a
  • Low Global Warming Potential: LGWP
  • Low pressure refrigerant
  • Mild flammability (ASHRAE classification = A2L)
  • Recommended Lubricants:
  • HFO 1234yf is compatible with POE oils and PAG oils.

R1234YF (HFO1234yf) Solstice® – 5kg Cylinders meets the demands of both automotive air conditioning systems and the environmental MAC Directive. It is the refrigerant used on modern vehicles.

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Manufacturer’s MSDS sheet available here

Cylinder capacity : 6 litres
Net weight : 5 kg
Tare : c. 5 kg
Fitting : DIN477-1

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Chemical name : 2,3,3,3-Tetrafluoroprop-1-ene
Chemical formula : CH2 CFCF3
Boiling point : -29.4 C
Critical temperature : 95 C
Global Warming Potential : (AR4) 4
Lower Explosive Level (LEL) : 6.2 % (V) in air
Auto ignition temperature : 405 C
Lubricant : Synthetic Polyalkylene Glycol

By using HFO 1234yf automobile manufacturers have been able to adapt easily systems working with R-134a, and achieve similar performance, sometimes even better; moreover, HFO 1234yf was successfully introduced by leading manufacturers of latest generation chiller with high performance. Even compared to carbon dioxide – CO2, HFO 1234yf boasts a better energetic efficiency and a lower contribution to the total greenhouse effect (Direct Effect – Indirect Effect).

Its limited Direct Greenhouse Effect (GWP < 1 kg CO2) makes HFO 1234yf the best possible solution from an environmental point of view.





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