Sealey HJ04KIT 5V Heated Rain Jacket – Extra-Large with Power Bank

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Package Includes:

• Model No. – Description
• WPHJ04- 5V Heated Rain Jacket – Extra-Large
• SPB101- 10W 10000mAh Portable Power Bank

• Model No. HJ04KIT

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• Water-Resistant jacket with three carbon fibre heating elements.
• Heating elements are in the back and each side of the chest.
• Three different heat modes controlled by colour changing button (Blue – Low, Green – Medium, Red – High).
• Supplied with SPB101 portable power bank 10W 10000mAh.

Part no: HJ04KIT • Barcode: 5054630212031 • Weight: 0.001kg • Warranty: 1 year