Sealey SD300K Soldering Gun/Iron Kit 8pc 230V

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– One of a comprehensive range of Sealey Hand Tools, suitable for daily use.
– Comprehensive soldering kit comprising a 100W instant heat soldering gun, a 30W soldering iron with stand, a third hand support, solder sucker, scraper/probe, spare soldering tips and a roll of flux-cored solder wire.
– Soldering irons fitted with 3-pin plugs.

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– Comprehensive kit comprising 100W soldering gun, 30W soldering iron, iron holder, excess solder extractor, scraper, spare tips, solder wire and universal workpiece clamps.
– Fitted with 3-pin plugs.
– Model No. SD300K

Sealey SD300K Soldering Gun/Iron Kit 8pc 230V - 1 Year Warranty